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Automotive Machining

Automotive industry have continuous requirements of precision CNC machined components.The variety of machined components needed by automotive industry need different machining processes to manufacture. We can provide services like CNC machining,screw parts machining,automatic lathing,Swiss turning machining,shaft machining to the automotive industry.
tight tolerance precision machined parts to meet the high requirements of the automotive industry.We specialize in machining precision components from small shafts and rivets to large parts like engine covers.
 The machined parts we manufacture for the automotive industry include but not limit to:
.shafts and rivets
.sleeves and bushings
.dowel pins fittings
.position pins and rings
.engine and pump housings
.brake system components
The material we machined for automotive industry include:
Stainless steel components machining
Steel components machining
Brass components machining
Copper components machining
Plastic components machining
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