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Prototype Machining

Prototype machining are ideal for the parts which need functional tests and structure tests.And prototype machining always need quick delivery.With our extensive experience in custom precision machining,we can deliver your prototype machining products as fast as in 48 hours.Our excellent engineering ability let us can work with your drawing in formats like stp,iges,dxf,dwg,xt,pdf,solidwork or even a sketch.
Yuecheng is able to provide cnc machined part for prototype machining,low volume and short run production machining for high tolerance,specialty components.Through our in-house precision machining capacity and the support services,we are able to finish your components fast and deliver on time.Runsom Precision will be a good choice for those companies who need their prototype components delivered with high quality and very fast speed.
We provide prototype cnc mill parts service for both plastic and metal parts.Machining by our advanced CNC machines,we can provide you components with high accuracy and excellent surface finish.As required,we can also provide secondary processes like painting,printing,anodizing,black oxide coating,electroplating,etc.
Please contact us now for your prototype machining!We will send our quotation to you in 24 hours.
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