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We have software and resources for CNC programming, machining, and milling.

CNC Milling Parts

CNC Machining Parts,cnc milling parts,precision machined components

CNC milling parts is the most commonly used machining process.It is the process that removing the material from a workpiece by using rotary cutters.CNC milling machines are often classified by the number of axis that they have.The axis for horizontal movement are called X and Y.And the axis for vertical movement is called Z.A common milling machine often have these three axis X,Y,Z.To meet the requirement of some complex components’ produce,there are now 5-axis,6-axis more common used.
Yuecheng  is a professional CNC machining parts factory. We have advanced CNC milling machines from general 3 axis to 5 axis.Our experienced CNC milling machine operators are always finding a way to produce the highest quality precision milled components for you.
With our high precision CNC milling capabilities,we provide service and precision machined components to the customers in the field of automation design,automobile parts machining,defence industry components,medical equipments,lighting parts machining,etc.

CNC Turning Services

custom machined parts,Precision Turned Parts,cnc turned parts
CNC turned parts is a common manufacturing process that hold a round material in a chuck and rotated to remove material to get the desired components.The turning process always include automatic lathing,CNC turning/CNC lathing and swiss turning machining.The turning process is suitable for mass production of high precision small components,such as components for cell phone,medical devices,optical equipments,automobile,lighting industry,office equipment,etc.
Yuecheng produced thousands of CNC turned components these years.Like washers,bolts,shafts,rivets,spacers,sleeves,nipples,stainless steel fittings,pipe fittings,light fittings,wheel studs,etc.We can always choose the suitable turning process to reach your requirement of both quality and price.
The capacity of Runsom Precision for CNC turned parts:
  • the accuracy of roundness and coucentricity can achieve to +/-0.005mm
  • the surface roughness can achieve to Ra0.4.
  • the diameter from 1mm to 300mm round bars
  • precision CNC turning,turning-and-milling multiple machining
  • machining carbon steels,stainless steel,tool steel,copper,brass,bronze,aluminium and plastics.
  • Low,medium to high volume batches.
If you have any questions about our custom machined parts and  CNC turning service or need technical support of your CNC turned components,please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.We will reply you in 24 hours.

CNC Multiple Machining

Yuecheng with multi-axis CNC milling and turning machining center,it can provide complete multi-axis milling and turning machining service.Using it’s high automated programing to speed up and simplify the machining of complex components.These systems deliver tight tolerance,nice surface finish and complex geometries to meet your high requirement of desired components.
With additional axis of CNC milling and turning center,it can reach actually any surface of the compnents.The rotated milling head tilts to position that the tool to be machined at the most precision angle.With these multi-axis milling and turning center,the precision machining components will be finished much faster and more precision so you can receive your components quicker and with better quality.
reduces expenses incurred and significantly shortens the setup time. Runsom Precision orchestrates different kinds of machines to produce complex components that require different machining processes. Such as: 4-axis machining, 5-axis machining, CNC turning, CNC milling, Swiss turning, CNC milling-turning, grinding, wire cutting, EDM, deep hole drilling, etc.
Our CNC milling and turning machining can be used for the machining of components for Aerospace industry,marine industry,defence industry,medical equipment,electronic equipment,food processing machines,etc.
The casting, machining and finishing specialists
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