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Investment casting

What is investment casting?

Investment casting is one in every of the oldest producing processes, qualitative analysis back thousands of years, during which liquified metal is poured into AN expendable ceramic mildew. The mildew is created by employing awax pattern - a disposable piece within the form of the specified half. The pattern is enclosed, or "invested", into ceramic suspension that hardens into the mildew. Investment casting is usually mentioned as "lost-wax casting" as a result of the wax pattern is dissolved out of the mildew when it's been shaped. Lox-wax processes ar matched (one pattern creates one part), that will increase production time and prices relative to alternative casting processes. However, since the mildew is destroyed throughout the method, components with advanced geometries and complicated details will be created.

Investment casting processing steps as follow :

1,Make the pattern - The wax patterns is injected into a metal mould then fashioned jointly piece. many of those patterns ar connected to a central wax gating system, referred to as wax pattern tree , Then swaybacked

2,Pouring - melted metal is poured from gating system of the mould, filling the mould cavity.

3,Cooling - The casting cooling time depends on the the structure of the elements and therefore the totally different material .

4,Remove casting shell – the shell ought to be broken and therefore the casting removed..

5,Finishing - grinding or sandblasting


Investment casting materials

Most commonly using for investment casting is bronze ,magnesium ,stainless steel, steel. 

Investment casting vs die casting

Investment casting Advantages:

It can casting complicate structure parts
High strength performance parts
Better surface finish and precision

Investment casting Disadvantages:

High labor cost
Long lead time

Die casting advantages:

Good surface  
High production
Low labor cost

Die casting Disadvantages:

Clean and trimming is necessary
High die cost

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